Corrosion Engineering and API RP 580

Corrosion is a chemical or electro-chemical attack that affects metallic material when exposed to the environment resulting in material loss and, potentially, failure of equipment, piping or appurtenances.

Corrosion risk measurement becomes a significant concern to those in charge of asset management of a process plant, specially in aging assets.

API RP 580 is a recommended practice document developed by the American Petroleum Institute which outlines and explains the basic elements for developing, implementing and maintaining a credible risk-based inspection (RBI) program.

Risk-based inspection programs begin with the identification of potential risks resulting from equipment or structural degradation. Risks which have been identified must be assessed and categorised in accordance with known criteria, and an analysis of probability and consequence of failure associated with each component or equipment carried out so as to prioritize a series of actions which should be incorporated into existing, or specifically developed, inspection and maintenance plans.

We can assist with the development of risk-based inspection programs based upon the API RP 580 recommended practice and, where data and information is available, a more thorough and specific quantitative analysis based upon API RP 581.

Corrosion Under Insulation
Corrosion Under Insulation, pipe transporting vegetable oil