Lifting and handling

Project reference: Design of an offshore container for storage and transportation of drilling tools, compliant with DNV 2.7-1 requirements.

In the field of safe transportation of cargo and equipment to and from offshore installations we can provide engineering services focused on the design of cargo carrying units suitable for service in harsh environments where the lifting operations are undertaken in low temperatures down to -40ºC, strong winds up to 24 m/s, and wave heights of up to 8 meters. Such units, based upon standard or customized designs, are designed in compliance with strict rules and regulations so as to ensure safety and efficiency of operations in such harsh situations.

Besides design and engineering packages which can be used for approval and fabrication, we can provide you with additional support by outlining inspection and test plans during fabrication as well as provide you with the required technical assistance necessary to ensure that compliance with the relevant codes and standards is fully met. Please look into the different scopes of work and design packages below for additional information.