Ballast water management systems

Project reference: Design of a preassembled deckhouse and outfitting of a 1.500 m3/h capacity ballast water treatment system on the main deck of an oil tanker.

The IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention has entered into force on September 8th, 2017. Under the Convention, all ships in international traffic are required to manage their ballast water according to a ship-specific ballast water management plan.

The ballast water management standards are being phased in over a period of time, with new ships being required to meet the ballast water treatment standard. Existing ships should exchange ballast water mid-ocean but they will need to meet the ballast water treatment standard by the date of a specified renewal survey. Eventually, most ships will need to install an on-board ballast water treatment system.

In order to ensure their ships comply with the rules and regulations set by IMO regarding Ballast Water Management, several shipping operators have started implementing ballast water treatment systems on their ships. The proper treatment of ballast water, as required by the IMO, actively removes, kills or neutralises organisms prior to discharge.

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