Finite Element Analysis Benchmarking

We are in the process of integrating a new FEA software package into our workflow, and we are currently running a batch of example tests, some of them based upon classic textbook problems, some of them based upon benchmarking guidelines from recognized analysis packages (ie, Abaqus, etc).

The basic idea behind this approach is if a classical solution can be emulated using FEA then it can constitute a good verification of the accuracy of the FEA software package, as well as our analysis skills.

This approach is not without fault, however, as most classical textbook cases are simplified problems configured in a specific manner which facilitates manual calculation and solving, and which in some cases can be counterintuitive to model in a FEA simulation, specially in what pertains to boundary conditions.

Join us in this process, feel free to download our current brochure and request copies of the benchmarking tests, or the open source FEA package we are currently integrating, and feel free to participate by suggesting new benchmarks or case studies. Besides these files we can also grant access to our remote simulation and analysis environment, as well as our remote postprocessing tool, based upon Paraview Glance.