Mooring System Management Plan

The 4th edition of the Mooring Equipment Guidelines (MEG4) issued by OCIMF in 2018 recognises that the management of mooring operations is a critical aspect of the management of ships. All new tankers, gas carriers and terminals are to be designed and built using the recommendation, whereas existing tankers should, as a minimum, develop a Mooring System Management Plan (MSMP) and Line Management Plan (LMP). As detailed in MEG4, the MSMP must ensure that the mooring system is inspected, maintained and operated in accordance with the original design basis. The information contained on the MSMP is in consequence ship specific, and is complementary to the ship’s safety management system.

The MSMP should contain the following:

Part A – General ship particulars.
Part B – Mooring equipment design philosophy.
Part C – Detailed list of mooring equipment.
Part D – Inspection, maintenance and retirement strategies.
Part E – Risk and change management, safety of personnel, and human factors.
Part F – Records and documentation.
Part G – Mooring System Management Plan Register (MSMPR).

Mooring Lines

MEG4 also contains a description of the Line Management Plan (LMP), including all the requirements for the way that lines are maintained, inspected and retired. Moreover, the inspection section should also demonstrate how and when the inspection should take place.

According to MEG4, the operator is responsible for ensuring the right development and implementation of the LMP. We can help with the development of both plans, please get in contact for more detailed information.