Supply Chain Traceability

We are developing a supply chain tool to enable full traceability of certificates on a public blockchain, and focused on the maritime market. Currently running on Ethereum’s Rinkeby testnet, and hosted on a private network, it aims to provide a secure and reliable way to confirm the authenticity of a product certificate along its lifecycle.

Data is digitized at the time of certificate issuance, and stored on a public blockchain to ensure its inmutability and future traceability by third parties anywhere in the world, at any given time. Only authorized users (validators) are able to store the digitized data on the blockchain, whereas any party (authorized or not) can perform authentication and verification of the data at any later stage.

Material certificates can be incorporated or associated into broader product certificates so the whole supply chain can be traced at any given time during supply. As an optional feature, the authentication of a given product certificate can signal acceptance by an authorized party (ie, a purchaser in the organization) and automatically trigger a smart contract action (ie, authorizing payment or recognizing fulfillment of a contractual milestone).


While currently running on the Rinkeby testnet, the smart contracts will be redeployed at time of finalization so the final product will be running on the main Ethereum network, ensuring quick propagation of data as well as enhanced security.