Technical assistance

Project reference: Supply of subsea baskets compliant with DNV 2.7-1 requirements.

We provide our customers and suppliers with expert advice and technical assistance during fabrication and precommissioning. By liaising with the production team we can provide support during the early stages of transfer of the engineering package, assist the procurement staff by reviewing specifications and tenders, expediting delivery of material and equipment, develop and implement inspection and testing plans, precommissioning and testing procedures, and a wide range of other services to complement the production activities.

Please refer to the following non exhaustive list of tasks and feel free to contact us for further information.

  • Code consulting, compliance with North Sea rules and regulations.
  • Assistance to material selection, procurement, logistics, customs clearance.
  • Revision of welding procedures and welding maps.
  • Development of traceability records (material certificates, non destructive testing, mechanical tests, etc).
  • Coordination with Certifying Body during design review and production surveys.
  • Engineering and production weight control┬ácompliant with ISO 19901-5.
  • Lifting and handling planning.
  • Mechanical testing procedures and witnessing/undertaking.
  • Bolt tightening procedures and verification.
  • Pipe cleaning and flushing procedures and verification.
  • Pressure test procedures and witnessing/undertaking.
  • Coating procedures and specifications, coating production tests.
  • Assistance to mechanical completion, pre-commissioning check lists and commissioning procedures.