Control rooms

Project reference: Design of a driller cabin onboard an ABS rules compliant drillship.

As part of our design portfolio, we can engineer a variety of packages meant for utilization onboard drilling and production units, manned or unmanned, and fitted with control equipment and/or electrical/instrument cabinets.

These engineered packages comprise multiple disciplines including the integration, mechanical and electrical, of the equipment specific to the intended use and provided by the client.

Health and safety considerations are essential in this type of design due to typical operation taking place in hazardous areas. Moreover, ergonomic and human comfort considerations are accounted for in all aspects of the design, from available space and suitable clearances to operate the equipment safely, to suitable illuminance values or temperature control to comfort values.

We can design and engineer a complete control room customized for each installation, based upon the available space and footprint which is available onboard the unit. Control rooms thus designed are engineered for long term or permanent installation onboard.

  • Compliant with North Sea rules and regulations: Norsok D-001 Drilling Facilities and DNV Offshore Standard OS-E101 Drilling Plant.
  • Steelwork design in carbon steel or stainless steel.
  • Heat insulation and fire rating of walls, roof and floor structures.
  • Noise and vibration insulation.
  • Other architectural arrangements: raised access floors with hatches for inspection, suspended ceilings, etc.
  • Dropped object protection grid on windows and window cleaning systems.
  • Installations including fire & gas detection system, HVAC system, pressurization, lighting, automatic shutdown.

Modules suitable for temporary installation onboard drilling and production units can be designed and customized based upon specific requirements.

Standard designs comply with requirements laid out by DNV 2.7-1 for transportation and Norsok Z-015 as far as minimum technical and safety-related requirements are concerned. Compliance with DNV 2.7-2 can be identically pursued and achieved.

While standard designs are available, the possibility of customizing the design to account for specific space restrictions or lifting capacity constraints allows for greater flexibility and, ultimately, a more convenient solution.

Please contact us for specifics.